A couple days ago Elon Musk unveiled his SpaceX game plan for Mars. If you watch the full presentation following the simulation video, he talks about the dangers of the mission.

One of the requirements for it is that all those who sign up, especially for the very first attempt, have to be prepared to die if need be. None the less, there are thousands of people who expressed interest in signing up. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those people. (Source: Business Insider)

Though, I doubt that Leo’s going to be on the very first mission. Something tells me that people with his social status might actually go once there have been at least a few successful manned missions to Mars that have actually returned to Earth in one piece.

Costs of SpaceX mission to Mars

According to Elon Musk, if a human is to be sent to Mars today and returned back to Earth, it would cost $10 billion USD. That cost, however, is supposed to drastically drop within the next decade. The SpaceX program is supposedly aiming to reduce travel costs to about $200,000 per traveler.

So not only must you be willing to die on this mission, but you also have to be able to shell out close to a quarter of a million dollars for it. Though, as mentioned in Elon’s presentation, chances are that those who are willing to go on the very first manned mission to Mars may likely get sponsors to pay for their ticket.

The SpaceX program is planning to head over to Mars in the early 2020’s, which is insane. Imagine, we humans, going to Mars in less than a decade? Crazy, right?