Diogenes of Sinope was described as Socrates gone mad” by Plato because he passionately shared the same views.

Diogenes was so passionate that he took them to the extreme and argued that if one wanted to live a life that was worth living one must detach oneself from society’s expectation.

In addition, if one wanted to live a good life, one would have to eliminate internal discontentment caused by desire, emotion, and fear.

He believed that this could be achieved by being content with a simple life governed by reason and natural impulses renouncing the desire for property and comfort.

Diogenes was part of a group of philosophers known as the Cynics, who were ridiculed by their contemporaries for the choice to live on the streets like dogs.

Diogenes doesn’t seem to have been phased by public opinion and proceeded to live a life in accordance with the the natural world. Free from social conventions, he concluded that he has the most who is most content with the least.